A Note from Sheila Flynn OP, upon leaving DEA

It has been a real joy to interface with DEA Board members and Chairs, Principals of Schools, APRIMS and RECS’ and at times, students, particularly with those on immersion programmes, throughout these past two years. Thank you for your ever-ready welcome and the opportunity of walking with you. You have been an inspiration for me in your commitment to enlivening the Dominican story in your schools and I hope, conversely that I have been of some small help in your ongoing deepening and understanding of ‘things Dominican’ that shape our hearts and minds for life. It has been a privilege walk with you. My contract with DEA comes to an end on 31st December. *

Carter Heyward speaks of how we are all part of the unfolding Incarnation, that Word Dominic treasured (and Mary, and all of us, since) and spilt unconditionally in all those he met on those highways and byways of Europe:

We touch this strength, our power, who we are in the world, when we are most fully in touch with one another and with the world. There is no doubt in my mind that, in so doing, we are participants in ongoing incarnation, bringing God to life in the world.  For God is nothing other than the eternally creative Source of our relational power, our common strength, a God whose movement is to empower, bringing us into our own together, a God whose name in history is Love…

Carter Heyward Our Passion for Justice (excerpt)

I take these words to heart, and I take you with me on all our unfolding journeys. Thank you for allowing me to be part of yours.

With warmest wishes and prayer in this wonderful Advent season that prepares us for Christ’s coming.


(Sheila Flynn OP)

*. I can be reached at this email address:  sheilaflynn@ymail.com