ST DOM FINALEvery person is important in a Dominican educational community. Our schools and centres strive to be inclusive, caring and welcoming. Our mission is to nurture Dominican Education ministries as places of excellence in teaching and learning in the Catholic tradition. Dominican schools have always been characterised by a strong commitment to outreach and social justice, the encouragement of critical thinking and self-confidence. DEA Ministries work to provide a stimulating learning environment which is holistic and encourages and supports each teacher and student to be his or her best.

Dominican Education Australia takes its vision from the inspiration of Jesus Christ and the spirit of St Dominic. It will continue to build on the grace and traditions of each of the founding Congregations, the Dominican Sisters of North Adelaide, the Holy Cross Congregation of Dominican Sisters and the Dominican Sisters of Eastern Australia. As Dominican Education Australia, we inherit and are blessed with the work of many Dominican Sisters and educators whose courage and commitment have brought Catholic education, the Gospel message and the Dominican story to countless students and their families across Australia for around 150 years.

The Dominican ideal is characterised by a commitment to truth explored in dialogue, a vibrant preaching of the Gospel, a critical appreciation of culture and cultures, and a love of the beautiful. Our goal in each of our educational ministries is to foster these values, together with a spirit of prayer and contemplation, respect for the dignity and uniqueness of each individual, and the pursuit of excellence.

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Dominican Education in Action Newsletter Term 2 2020

Dominican Education in Action Term 1 2020



DEA school communities across Australia celebrate the feast of St Dominic across the first weeks of August each year.  This year many school celebrations looked and…

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Dominican Education Australia takes its vision from the inspiration of Jesus Christ and the spirit of St Dominic. DEA ministries around Australia celebrate the feast of…

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The first Christian community is like ours. We experience fear and confusion. We find Jesus hard to recognize in our chaotic world. We need to hear…

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